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ResLife @ Castle Leazes Halls of Residence for Newcastle University

ResLife Newcastle University Castle Leazes. Graffiti Art spray paint featuring ResLife 3d lettering and street art styled Rose by Frank Styles

I was tasked by the ResLife team to brighten up the social space. The space will be used by social groups, by gamers and light sport activities such as yoga.


ResLife 3D Graffiti Lettering in Newcastle


After some discussion with the client, the brief was bright and colourful and must feature 3D graffiti lettering using the brand colours. The graffiti style lettering was fun to do and I went for some impossible letters. If you look at the R, the 3D aspect is impossible to make, but possible to paint! The L is based on the Penrose Triangle, another impossible shape.


Street Art Styles Rose in Newcastle


The gaming wall is a mashup of Fifa and Fortnite, with a nod to street fighter in the energy bars along the top. The wall has 2 large TVs with playstations for use by the students and the gaming society.


Fortnite and Fifa Graffiti Art


Fortnite Graffiti Art


Abstract surreal street art, space and flowers


This abstract and surreal street art style wall depicts a tear through an abstracted colourful floral arrangement painted on the wall with a rip on the wall revealing a view of space and galaxies in the distance.


Surreal Graffiti, Flowers with a tear realing galaxy and stars