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History of Sunderland Shipbuilding

Frank Styles paints Sunderland Port Ship Mural Street Art

A History of Sunderland Ships

Commissioned by Sunderland City Council to coincide with the city hosting the Tall Ships Races 2018. I researched the history of Sunderland shipbuilding and had the very difficult task of picking 10 ships from the thousands that city produced. Once the biggest shipbuilding city in the world, Sunderland has a very proud heritage. This was made apparent to me whilst painting these murals in the East End. People would pull up in cars and stop for a chat. Some passersby could recognise the ships before they had the names painted on. One guy named a ship that was built in 1940, just from the shape of the hull I had painted. Before the tall ships event started, a lot of people had gone out of there way to come up and see these murals, that made me very proud to say the least. Then during the event itself they were seen be thousands of people and now are a lasting legacy.

134 High Street, Sunderland SR1 2BL

Unknown Ship Spraypainting
Unknown Ship
The Torrens Ship Sunderland Art
Sunderland Venture
Sunderland Venture SD14
Stena Seawell Artwork
Sunderland Ships Spray Paint Art
Roker Pier Spraypainting
Roker Pier Spraypaint Stencil
Nordic Chieftain Graffiti
Murals by Frank Styles
La Hogue Spray painting Graffiti
La Hogue
La Hogue
La Hogue
ITM Challenger Spray painting Graffiti
ITM Challenger Sunderland Port Graffiti
Empire Liberty Sunderland Port Spray painting
City of Adelaide Street Art Graffiti Spray painting Frank Styles